The System

Why RamBrick? What makes it different?

The use of a building materials system such as RamBrick™ shows a responsible attitude towards the environment, but also makes economic and social sense.  


Below are some of the reasons why the product and the system have some impressive all-round benefits:​

RamBrick™ product benefits

  • Cost effective in terms of input costs. Extensive tests showed that the RamBrick™ system will save between 10% and 15% on construction costs compared to conventional hollow concrete block methods, and more than 40% savings compared to clay brick methods.

  • Environmental benefits: using only 5% cement. This translates into at least 20 tons of CO2 saved per 40m2 built.

  • Thermal efficiency: 10%-20% more efficient than traditional brick and mortar homes based on thermal efficiency or R-Rating, and even higher thermal performance based on the thermal mass effect (the ability of a material to absorb, store and later release heat).

  • Reduced construction time due to ease of the brick laying process (around 10% reduction in construction time).

  • Design advantage: RamBrick™ creates a standard 90 degrees cross-over on corners (other eco-products and conventional products need concrete reveals on corners to hide cut edges).

  • No plaster required: A RamBrick™ wall can be used without a plaster, with only a coating system. Competing products require plastering to ensure water proofing.

  • Compliance to South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) compressive strength criteria.

RamBrick™ System process benefits

  • Cost effective: in terms of capital investment and operations

  • Environment-friendly: uses waste matter that would otherwise end up in landfill, including builder’s rubble

  • Water wise: No water required for manufacture of the bricks

  • Reduced handling and transport costs:  a mobile system that means manufacturing is situated close to building needs.

  • Simplicity and quick training: the bricklaying process to use the system can be taught to unskilled staff over a two-day training programme.  Operation of the brick-making equipment taught to manufacturers in a five-day course.

  • Agrément certification for the manufacturing process, including approval within the guidelines of the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

Cost savings :

Municipalities, or developers and manufacturers will benefit from major cost savings by employing the RamBrick™ system.  We estimate that landfill diversion cost savings alone will pay off the equipment within a year.

In addition to the savings relating to the disposal of soil and rubble waste, direct cost savings of up to 45% on construction could be possible.

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